Your Point of View

Case Study


Everyone likes to have their say and nowhere is this more the case than on the streets of New York. With this in mind, CUNNING decided the best way to approach the brief was to come up with an idea that was fully interactive, highly theatrical and would allow New Yorkers to have their say.


To devise an activity to bring to life HSBC’s global ‘Your Point of View’ campaign.


CUNNING conceived and produced a unique live theatre experience at four HSBC bank branches in Manhattan. Themed theatre shows were installed in the branch windows for passers-by to interact with. The topic of each show was aimed at getting people talking, discussing and expressing a point of view.

These ranged from “Are beauty pageants trite, fabulous, exploiting or inspiring?” to “Are sports fanatics psycho, committed, energetic or scary?” Passers-by were able to text message their one word points of view on the scenarios to a short code. All of the points of view then appeared in the window on plasma screens. Text messages were then collected and displayed on a website for the world to view.


This was a unique use of retail space for a global bank. During the pop-up presence, the campaign more than doubled new accounts openings.

248,000 people experienced the event.
4,000 postcards handed out.
500 people sent in text messages and a further.
1,000 people commented online.
735,000 read about the activity in local media.

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