Fashion Retailer Launch Campaign

Case Study


Known as the high street brand with a boutique heart, A|Wear is known throughout Ireland as the country’s leading High Street fashion boutique.


A|Wear debuted in the UK with two prestigious new shopping develo ments: Leicester’s Highcross and Bristol’s Cabot Circus. It was only natural that their arrival in the UK should be announced in style. CUNNING were appointed in as the lead agency briefed with the task of introducing the A|Wear brand to a new market.


CUNNING created a campaign based on the proposition that A|Wear ‘unlocks the secrets of fashion’. In anticipation of the opening event 150 white bird cages appeared in prominent positions around each city. 6,000 ornate die-cast keys also appeared across a range of appropriate city centre retailers. Each key, complete with ribbon and a tag, entitled its finder to a £5 discount in store with some of them containing codes that not only unlocked the secrets of fashion but
prizes worth up to £500 GBP.

On each launch date a giant golden birdcage was installed outside the brand new store and each city was alerted to its presence by a full four page wrap in the Metro newspaper. ‘Birds of Paradise’ (extravagantly dressed performers) distributed more keys from this centrepiece


Almost 4,000 keys were redeemed on the launch dates, ensuring that each store was packed with shoppers eager to sample the A|Wear experience.

The ‘Birds of Paradise’ impacted on an estimated audience of 50,000 for each location.

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