Do It With Love

Case Study


Esprit is a lifestyle brand, offering customers a high quality product at an affordable price. They pride themselves on the love, care and attention to detail they put into their products.
It was this drive for quality and passion for detail that we wanted to bring to life for the people of Manchester.


CUNNING was briefed to communicate the opening of the new Manchester store.

Being a relatively unknown brand in Manchester, any campaign idea had to provide a creative platform through which we could communicate the Esprit brand and product offering to elicit emotional responses, brand assimilation and, most importantly, store visits.

There existed a real opportunity to establish the Esprit brand in Manchester via the store opening and to use it as a platform to grow the brand profile. We needed to do this in a way that built a picture of the


CUNNING created ‘Do It With Love’, an aspirational expression of the spirit of Esprit. With “Do It With Love” at the heart of the campaign, all activity exuded passion, attention to detail and care - just like Esprit products.

CUNNING made sure that the new store opening was anything but average. Every element of the campaign had to be done with an extreme amount of love, care and attention, making it an unforgettable experience for the people of Manchester.

To acompany the activity, selected 6-sheets within close proximity to the store featured the strapline “Esprit Do It With Love”.


City Lights (6-sheets): 67,000 OTS
City Screen: 4,140,000 OTS
Painted Hoarding: 604,000 OTS

In-store footfall figures:
Confidential, but once the experiential part of the campaign started, 54% increase in store footfall.

Giant brochure footfall: 353,166

Total number of bags completed:
We started with 2,000 and had to order another 2,500

Radio coverage: Key 103 FM live broadcast.
Press: Drapers and WWB circulation 7,300

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