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With a year-long waiting list for Sunday lunch at his restaurant The Hand and Flowers (for the finest steak and chips you'll ever have) and his new cookbook Tom’s Table just around the corner, Michelin starred chef Tom Kerridge is very much in high demand.

So to bring a taste of his Marlow kitchens (and recipes from his new book) to London, Tom partnered with Greene King IPA pubs to create a special pop-up menu for a select group of lucky foodies at The Crabtree in Fulham. The pop-up would see Kerridge cook his trademark proper pub food in a fantastic pub garden, served alongside pints and bottles of Greene King.


The exclusive pop-up event was to celebrate the launch of Greene King IPA’s To The Pub campaign, which champions the Great British pub and all of the moments, big and small, that occur in them every day. The brief was to create a "big moment" at the pop-up, that was spectacular, memorable and fun.

Popcorn PR approached CUNNING to design and build a spectacular cooking station fit for a superstar chef, creating a big moment at the centre of the event. Imagine the setup for a superstar DJ (with smoke and light effects) but with hobs instead of decks!


After months of secret meetings, developing the concept, designing and building, the Greene King IPA Hoppodrome launched with Michelin star celebrity chef Tom Kerridge at the Crabtree Pub in London to beautiful sunny weather.

The main body of the Hoppodrome was built from 3 old oak barrels (2 x 200 gallon and 1 x 100 gallon). The barrels were blasted with walnut shells to return the beautiful grain to the wood. They were then cut into shape for the three parts - 1 barrel for the base and 2 for main body. Once cut, a solid steel skeleton was installed inside each barrel (designed for easy assembly and transportation) and a stainless steel worksurface was fashioned. Finally, the Hoppodrome was fitted with a range of surprises, from a hidden network of pipes connected to a smoke machine to a full on sound system and lighting, as well as meters of wiring to feed the cooking equipment with power for the duration of the event.

Over 100 lucky revellers, including national and lifestyle media, foodie bloggers and delighted competition winners, were treated to the ultimate Pub experience with Tom taking to the helm of the custom built Hoppodrome, to feed a frenzy of excited foodies with exclusive taster dishes including pulled beef brisket, pork green chilli and mushroom risotto.

Celebrating the launch of Greene King IPA’s To The Pub campaign, the exclusive launch pop-up event provided guests with a truly gastronomic one off Pub experience... with Greene King IPA picking up the bar tab, of course.



A Word from Tom Kerridge

“It has been a pleasure to cook for true foodies in such a dynamic environment. Working from the Hoppodrome was fun... chefs are often hidden away in the kitchen and I loved being at the centre of the party and seeing people react to my food live. Beyond putting on a show, we’re here today to raise a refreshing pint ‘To The Pub’ and inspire people about all their local pub has to offer.”
- Tom Kerridge.

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