The Business of Data

Case Study


Bloomberg Business approached CUNNING NY to launch the Bloomberg Data Project in interesting and unique physical spaces across New York City.

Bloomberg Data aims to reveal how business isn’t just a sea of suits, and to unveil “the business behind your business” in an unexpected, informative and contextually relevant way.

Bloomberg had executed this idea through traditional channels such as TV, social media, and phone booth print ads. However, Bloomberg wanted to implement the concept physically in an unexpected channel to bring the campaign to life in front of consumers going about their normal daily habits.


CUNNING NY curated a roster of premium retail partners where Bloomberg’s data would be seen as a complement to the overall experience. We arranged partnerships between Bloomberg and FIKA (Swedish coffee & chocolate shops) to provide information on the business behind coffee and chocolate, as well as boutique gyms around the city such as Mile High Run Club, Complete Body, and Body Space Fitness to give insight into the business of working out.

CUNNING negotiated and managed the venue media buys and executed all artwork production of business data so it would live organically in each location’s space, from the retail counters in FIKA to the mirrors of gyms across the city.

The decals were bold and beautiful, but designed with the consumer and venue in mind so viewers could still see the products behind the decals (be it truffles, or their own reflection working out). This kept these spaces usable and made the data appear to pop up from the products, giving direct information on what’s behind the decals.

A fascinating analogue take on the increasingly digitized world in which we live!

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