The Big Drench Nationwide Road Show

Case Study


CUNNING was asked to create a unique brand experience
for Tango Apple targeting 12 - 24 year-olds, which is not an easy task.

Not only are they a broad group, they are increasingly impervious to marketing messages delivered in the traditional way. They also spend more time at home than ever before: a combination of parental fears over stranger danger, fewer public places to go and more entertaining and comfortable in-home environments. With this in mind our thinking focused on creating an activity or game to get young people out in a fun, but safe, environment.


The Big Drench Road Show, a series of interactive games full of madness, mayhem and all things Tango. CUNNING devised an interactive, entertaining, anarchic and very ‘Tango’ travelling event consisting of games designed to get kids out of the house and having fun.

“The Cement Mixer”
To raise awareness of the event, we took a cement mixer, fitted it with a transparent drum and filled it with clear liquid. We then added a Tango diver and toured city centres, universities and other high footfall areas in advance of the Big Drench games coming to town.

“Apple Roulette”
A huge inflatable liquid-filled apple suspended in mid air. Twenty-five players stood underneath wearing special Tango Apple waterproof overalls. Twenty-five cords dangled from above, ready to be pulled. One of the cords, once pulled, drenched the person directly below it. Unlucky perhaps? Not so, the upside was that the soaked victim walked away with a special prize!

“Target Practice”
Squads of kids ran amok in city side streets, tooled up with Super Soakers. The aim of the game was to get the most drenched. Whoever succeeded in this got to keep their Super Soaker.


Quantitative research was commissioned through HPI Cardinal.

41% of a 16-24 sample spontaneously recalled the activity. More importantly, the research showed that one week after the event, 32% had bought Tango Apple, of whom 25% were infrequent or non-drinkers. We also measured word-of-mouth. 50% of consumers who had engaged with the tour reported they‘d shared the experience with a further 4.7 people. We also now know, from independent research carried out by Britvic Soft Drinks Limited, that there was a significant shift in Tango Apple sales during and since the tour.

“Apple Roulette” Direct Impacts
4,800 Total number of people taking part in roulette.
192,000 Cans sampled (working with LIME).

“Target Practice” Direct Impacts
3,840 Total number of people that played.

“Cement Mixer” Direct Impacts
758,700 Total impacts (source: Association of Mobile Advertising Contractors)

Regional Press
Readership of 1,371,183 in 9 out of 12 regions.

Overall Reach: 3,385,845

"We are extremely pleased with the results of the Big Drench activity. Sales for Apple have increased far beyond our expectations and it keeps improving!” Malcolm Hett, Tango.

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