British Airways Club

Heathrow Live Posters

Case Study


CUNNING were briefed to execute an ambient activity that would promote the flat beds in British Airway’s Club World.

The aim of this activity was to inform travelers that they are assured of getting “more beds, more places, more often” if they fly British Airway’s Club World.


arrival lounge at Terminal 3 in Heathrow Airport. Each actor was armed with a branded arrival sign with the following names: Miss. A. Bed, Phil X Hausted, Tim Somnia, Mr Kip.

The signs also featured the BA strapline “More Beds, More Places, More Often”.

Actors were briefed to act as if they were genuinely waiting for the people named on their arrival cards, attracting attention to themselves by calling out the spoof names of passengers.

Staff worked on weekdays between 8 – 11 December and 14 –19 December during the hours of 6:00am and 1:00pm. The greeters were strategically positioned so that passengers getting off flights could not miss them. The event manager was specifically briefed to make sure that all the meeters and greeters targeted flights from Virgin, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Cathay Pacific and other key competitor airlines.


Passenger numbers given to us by the airport show that the footfall for the area is 150,000 per week, total 300,000. We estimate that a minimum of 75% of these people passing through the terminal would have seen the promotion, this equates to a total audience of 225,000.

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