Sun Microsystems

Solaris 10 Experiential Campaign

Case Study


Sun Microsystems launched “10 Around Town”, an integrated marketing campaign to promote their new software Solaris 10.

The campaign started with a collaboration between Sun Microsystems and The Royal College of Art (RCA), who jointly commissioned a competition whereby RCA students were challenged to design original sculptures based on the 10 key features of Solaris 10.


CUNNING were briefed by Sun Microsystems, and the lead agency DNX Marketing, to produce an innovative and creative campaign to bring to life the “10 around town” project.


The idea was to literally take it to the streets of London focusing on the City and targeting senior IT personnel and decision makers. Cunning’s initial activity took the form of a 3-day two pronged ‘tease’.

First prong saw City Gentlemen in suits and bowler hats were seen walking around the city with sandwich boards proclaiming the 10 key attributes of Solaris 10 and Second prong used Gobo projection of the ’10’ logo and projected onto buildings in and around London’s financial district.

During the ambient tease a one-day installation displaying all of the RCA’s ‘10’ sculptures were placed in St Helen’s Piazza outside the Lloyds building and next to the Gherkin Tower.

The following week, the sculptures were installed in 3 major London stations over 3 days, Victoria, London Bridge and Liverpool Street.

These were accompanied by footage on plasma screens showing the other 10s, interviews with the RCA students and the guerrilla activity, coupled with limited edition postcards of the sculptures handed out to passers-by by the City Gentlemen (minus sandwich boards). Around 30,000 postcards were distributed over the 3-day period at 3 stations.


Total Station Footfall (25%) = 625,988
Press coverage in Marketing Week, B2B Marketing, Brand Republic, Computer Weekly, Contagious Magazine

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