edc by Esprit

Scream Booths Experience

Case Study


As a relatively unknown brand in the UK, edc - Esprit’s youth brand - had its work cut out getting noticed as a key sponsor of the MTV Europe Music Awards (EMAs).


CUNNING devised a campaign to get hundreds of thousands of music and fashion fans screaming its name from London to Helsinki.


Hoping to earn themselves one of 300 coveted tickets to the EMAs, fans were invited to prove their worth by letting it all out in specially constructed ‘Scream Booths’. Each screamer was filmed and their video uploaded online where visitors could view and vote for their favourite. A mobile Scream Booth, housed in an airstream trailer, toured the nation’s universities, allowing thousands more to scream for tickets to the MTV EMAs. To herald its arrival in each location CUNNING created a TV ad calling on all students to step-up and scream.

But before the EMA party even kicked off in Liverpool, CUNNING turned Esprit’s flagship Regent Street store into an event worthy of the glitziest showbiz bash. MTV supplied the bands, Grazia magazine brought the stylists and edc provided the drinks, red carpet, shopping event and the chance not only to win VIP tickets to the EMAs but also a limo-driven night out at north London’s hippest club, Koko. ‘You Scream’ was so successful it even crossed over from fact into fiction by featuring in the storyline of Hollyoaks. (For those in the know, Hannah and Rees got into our Scream Booths and went to the EMAs...)


With 312,150 page hits and 5,859 screamers taking part, the edc brand was now making a big noise amongst its target audience.

At the EMAs themselves, edc was there at the aftershows with ‘TagMe’ make-up artists on hand to add bespoke make-up designs to partygoer’s faces.

65,462 new users were brought to with an estimated 2.5 million opportunities generated to engage with the campaign, edc had made some serious noise.

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