Pushing Daisies Interactive Poster

Case Study


Develop a brand experience to supplement the ATL campaign for Pushing Daisies, the new hit US drama starring Anna Friel, targeting key opinion formers in Soho’s infamous ad-land.


CUNNING created a pop-up shop, sourcing an empty retail unit on Broadwick Street (London’s fashionable shopping district around Carnaby Street) and installed an environment where people could literally interact with the shows’ characters.

For 10 days prior to the show’s launch, our multisensory experience, complete with cut grass scents pumped out of vents and ‘whispering windows’, brought Pushing Daisies’ essence to life; a romantic, modern fairytale of life and death.

Our state-of-the-art touch-screen technology coupled with Bluetooth content, including excerpts from the show and calendar reminders, marked the first time for a television show to launch with an interactive campaign that embraced the senses of smell and touch as well as sight and sound. It was a truly multi-sensory experience.


Screen Interaction:
11% of potential audience viewed the screen of which 25% directly engaged with it.

Gender Split:
Female – 59.3%
Male – 40.7%

Bluetooth Statistics:
Content download conversion rate of 13%

ITV 1 Pushing Daisies UK Premier ratings – 5.7m (Source: ITV)
ITV 1 Ratings for the repeat the following day – 1.8m (Source: ITV)

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