Park & Play

Case Study


MINI wanted to turn convention on its head and launch their new MINI Convertible in a completely new and refreshing way. They would again be targeting style influencers rather than consumers, just as they did with their initial launch.


For high-end, motor magazine-reading, consumers, driving is more about lifestyle than utility. So our launch activity did not have to demonstrate any direct functional benefit. The rationale was to entertain rather than sell and in doing so disarm the most discerning and hard-to-reach consumers. This resulted in an engaging and entertaining show.

CUNNING transformed a MINI Convertible into an open-air theatre, which toured nine cities throughout the UK, performing outside the most stylish pubs and bars. The activity was called Park and Play and was designed to gently mock the stuffy persona of traditional theatre.

Four abridged iconic film stories were reenacted; Chariots of Fire‚ Frankenstein‚ Robinson Crusoe and 2001: A Space Odyssey. These films were transformed into short one-minute performances, but together spanning a whole evening of entertainment. The plays were designed to come across as lo-fi, spontaneous and impromptu.


An estimated 13,730 saw the plays. In addition, the event was picked up by The Evening Standard, The Manchester Evening News and Leeds Evening Post.

Park and Play was awarded a Creative Circle Silver and voted best ambient execution by MINI globally.

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