Olympic Stadium Climb Stunt Event

Case Study


Our brief was to devise a series of accompanying stunts for Channel 4’s “Meet The Superhumans” campaign to both raising awareness of the Paralympic Games, broadcast on Channel 4, as well as to challenge perceptions of disability and disabled athletes, highlighting their extraordinary abilities and bringing them into the mainstream.


CUNNING challenged quadruple amputee climber Jamie Andrew to scale the Olympic Stadium, just before the Paralympic Opening Ceremony, and hoist a flag carrying the slogan “Thanks for the Warm-up”.

Andrew lost both hands and feet to severe frostbite after becoming trapped on the north face of Les Droites in the Mont Blanc massif in January 1999. Since the accident Andrew has climbed Kilimanjaro, run the London Marathon and walked up Ben Nevis to raise money for charity. He continues to fulfil his love for extreme sports such as paragliding and caving. He was also a Torchbearer in Edinburgh for the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay.

Jamie is an incredible individual and was the perfect representative of everything this campaign (and the games as a whole) stood for.


The climb was reported across various news websites just days before the Paralympic Opening Ceremony.

The London 2012 Paralympic Games became the most successful and most watched in the history of the Games.

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