SyFi Channel

Lost Socks Guerrilla Campaign

Case Study


CUNNING was briefed to generate audience and media interest in a new six-part mini-series, The Triangle. Activity needed to take place over ten States and encourage people to visit the website and enter a show-related competition.

Our mission was to discover new media spaces and develop a surprising and humorous mechanic to gain attention.


The show’s tag line was ‘Nothing Stays Lost Forever’. Socks have a habit of getting lost in the laundry. CUNNING printed the show’s details and web address onto 150,000 single socks, which were then left behind in launderette drop-off bags and dryers.

To support this activity tens of thousands of ‘Lost Sock’ posters were placed in neighborhood delis and other grass-roots locations.


The ‘Lost Socks’ campaign reached millions of potential viewers and gained extensive trade, online and mainstream media coverage including a full page in the Wall Street Journal.

The Triangle became the most successful series on SyFy since 2003.

The Triangle went on to to become the most successful series on  SyFy since 2003.

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