Nissan Murano

Live Billboard

Case Study


To create something bold and engaging to promote the launch of the Murano model and bring to life Nissan’s SHIFT strategy.

Position the Nissan Murano as a design icon. Historically design hadn’t been considered a strong selling point for Nissan. The Murano was developed to challenge that perception and in doing so create a halo effect for the entire range.

At the time of its launch nothing looked like it. Therefore it was right to create a memorable piece of communication that dramatised the making of an icon.


CUNNING took over a large 3D poster site along the A4 road entering London. Two sculptors were employed to carve a life-size Murano out of polystyrene, over a three-week period. By day, commuters crawling past on their way into London would see the sculptors at work and by night the work in progress was illuminated in neon light. In the fourth week, the sculpture was completed and replaced with a real Murano.


Over 2,400,000 motorists saw the installation (source JC Decaux).

Press coverage in The Independent, Auto Express, Female First and Car Pages reached a further 800,000+ people.

Selected by Campaign as Top 10 ambient activity.
Highly commended by Nissan in Japan as best practice.

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