Maryland Cookies

UFO Installation in Trafalgar Square

Case Study


When Maryland launched a limited edition cookie called the Unbelievably Fudgey Object (UFO) the advertising agency Cogent devised a campaign that involved cookies crashing into the side of famous monuments, UFO style.

CUNNING were hired by Cogent and Maryland to source a suitable place to crash land a giant cookie and then build it.


After researching different locations from Greenwich Observatory and Leicester Square through to the Planetarium. We eventually settled on Trafalgar Square – arguably the World’s most famous Square.

Over the course of 4 weeks we created a 30ft x 40ft, 15 ton Maryland ‘cookie’. Seven low loader lorries and a large team of specialists erected then ‘crashed’ the giant biscuit into Traflagar Squar, erecting it over overnight. The morning after Londoners awoke to the UFO crash site.

The crash site was made to look as real as possible (except for the giant biscuit). We used replica Trafalgar Square flagstones, that had broken and ‘erupted’ around the crashed cookie, and Police emergency lights and barrier tape completed the scenario.

The installation remained in place for 3 days.


Media coverage of the event was widespread. As well as a one-minute slot on TFI Friday and similar on the Zoë Ball breakfast show on Radio One, the campaign was featured in a variety of national print and broadcast media.

It is estimated that the campaign achieved over 60 million impacts in national media alone.

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