Hot Dog Magazine

"Se7en" PR Event

Case Study


A stunt to promote the launch of film magazine Hotdog, the first publication from ex-Loaded and GQ editor James Brown’s new company IFG.


Inspired by the ‘head in a box’ scene from the film Se7en, starring Kevin Spacey, seven severed heads of James Brown were created by Arteffects (complete with spectacles) and sent out to various key people to promote the launch of the magazine with the massage

“What I’ve done is going to be studied and followed forever. I have removed the head of a very beautiful person and sent it in a box to whom it may concern. My name is John Doe, and I am number 1 on Hotdog’s list of the Top Ten Psychos”


Coverage in print and online (including The Independent and The Guardian) as well as shocking many editors, journalists and James’ dog.

In addition Chris Moyles spent the best part of an hour talking on air about using the severed head for a kick about after his Radio 1 show.

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