Q Magazine

Glastonbury Guerrilla Road Signs

Case Study


CUNNING was briefed by music magazine Q to raise their presence at this year’s Glastonbury festival, where they were official sponsors.

Q wanted to create positive word of mouth about their brand and ensure that their presence was woven into the fabric of the festival without reeking of sponsorship.


CUNNING created a series of quirky, cryptic, spoof road signs that were placed along roadsides leading to the festival (notorious for its traffic jams) designed to excite, entertain and perplex people en route to Glastonbury.

30 of the surreal signposts were erected in total, with the final few bearing the slogan “Q Magazine welcomes you to Glastonbury”.

Q is a very credible brand and we needed to ensure that any activity was in keeping with their intelligent approach to music. The slogans satirised Glastonbury’s culture and also optimised all the downtime the audience would spend queuing to get in.

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