Fox Hunting Ban PR Event

Case Study


CUNNING were briefed by IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) to create a PR stunt to serve as a reminder that the issue of Fox Hunting was still unresolved and time was running out for Labour to deliver on the promise of a ban. It was important that any activity executed was carried out in a humorous and non-offensive way.


A publicity stunt on the River Thames on September 14, the day before the Fox Hunting ban was debated in the Houses of Parliament.

Cunning created a band called Foxxy Music, whereby three artists were dressed in costumes consisting of a fox on vocals, a hare on keyboards and stag on drums. A large passenger boat was hired and Cunning installed a PA system to amplify the SFX. As the band cruised along The Thames they jammed to the tune of Culture Club’s “Do you really wanna hurt me”.

The boat traveled west down the Thames on the morning of the activity past the Houses of Parliament with a media call at 10.30am. The boat then traveled up and down The Thames for the next few hours to attract attention from the general public.


Broadcast Coverage:
BBC News 24, BBC Breakfast News, Sky News
Print Coverage:
The Times, The Guardian (x2), Event Magazine.
Various online news site and blog coverage.

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