Curtain Call Convoy Stunt Event

Case Study


CUNNING was briefed by Universal to create a newsworthy stunt surrounding the release of Eminem’s album Curtain
Call. The aim was to generate a buzz about the up-and-coming release of the albem and attract the interest of the


CUNNING wrapped ten 40ft lorries in artwork replicating the Curtain Call album and drove them, in convoy, around the M25. The beginning of which was monitored and filmed via helicopter.

A team of ten experienced lorry drivers where instructed to drive on the M1, south at Milton Keynes, to the M25 and remain in the choreographed convoy for the entire journey providing a wall of Eminem. This ensured that motorists were exposed to an approximate 400ft ‘train’ of Eminem trucks.


OTS: 809,000 people over 4 days based on Local Council footfall figures
Flyers: 12,000 handed out
Sales: 25% of stock sold in the first 2.5 hours

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