HSBC Premier

Create Your Perfect Travel Companion

Case Study


You’ll know HSBC as “the world’s local bank” and HSBC Premier is the bank’s exclusive service offering customers globally linked-up banking wherever they are in the world.

Through its worldwide ATL ‘Latitude’ campaign, the brand has a dominant presence in the world’s leading airports. Following our appointment, our task was to turn this two dimensional presence into a living, breathing experience.

Heloisa Souza, Senior Marketing & Innovations Manager at HSBC said: “we wanted to use airports to enhance the HSBC Premier brand through engaging travellers with an experience. We knew CUNNING from a previous activity in New York and could see they were very creative and understood how to give life to the brand”.


Travellers to London Heathrow’s Terminal 1 were invited to enter a specially designed area reflecting the brand values of HSBC Premier.

Each visitor was presented with an empty magazine cover and then invited to browse a specially commissioned selection of 32 loose-leaf articles.

From these they could edit and create their very own bespoke magazine, which was then bound for them, on the spot, ready to take on their journey.

Reflecting HSBC Premier’s offering, the articles were commissioned from writers across the globe. Journalists, trend forecasters, comedians and sports writers contributed a huge range of fascinating material. Internationally renowned personalities such as Elizabeth Hurley, Bjorn Borg, Jamie Oliver, Dougray Scott and Kevin MacDonald also contributed articles revealing their own personaL insights. The articles were also featured on a website.


Over a two week period, 7,154 travellers visited the site with 2,030 unique magazines created.

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