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Kuduro is a highly unique and energetic music, dance, fashion and lifestyle youth culture coming out of Angola. Kuduro music is a form of electronic dance music and its moves are influenced by hip hop, traditional Angolan dance and references to Angola’s current cultural renaissance.


Create a brand platform to promote Kuduro, develop a Kuduro fan base in Europe and the US and educate younger generations about Kuduro culture while creating partnership opportunities across various categories.


In advance of the The Angola Quintal events, Os Kuduristas dancers took to the streets of Europe, engaging local street dancers in dance battles, seeding Kuduro into local dance communities and acting as an exchange between recognizable dance styles, like breaking, voguing or wacking and kuduro, which is brand new to western markets.

We also brought the Os Kuduristas dancers to New York City and Washington DC as a part of a cultural education ex-change to teach dance workshops and participate in a beat-making class at Brooklyn charter school Achievement First. The tracks that the beat-making class made were recorded at Converse Rubber Tracks studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with a kuduro MC laying down the vocals. The Education Program culminated in a school-wide assembly where the whole school experienced Kuduro through a performance with student dancers, the Os Kuduristas MC’s and dancers in a mini-concert. The Os Kuduristas education program will continue internationally into 2013, with plans to grow beyond.


Including The Angola Quintal
Facebook: 33,000,000+
Twitter: 800,000+
YouTube: 13,000+ views

Developed a new platform for the international promotion of kuduro music, across 5 program channels. Built online community across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram to host custom content.

Website ( containing a dance dictionary that shows kuduro dance moves and an interactive dance sequencer where users can create their own Kuduro dance combination.

Samples 5,000+ pieces of branded collateral including t-shirts, postcards, beanies, hand warmers, thermoses and caps.

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