Anna_2 Anna Carloss

Anna Carloss


Coming from a traditional media background that included planning/buying at CIA and later Head of Sales at Discovery and MTV, Anna recognised the need for a new style of agency.  One that offered cut through in an increasingly fragmented media landscape.

In 1998, Anna launched Cunning Stunts (now Cunning) with John Carver and co-founded Cunning Stunts Communications Inc with Mark Voysey in 2005 in New York.

Cunning’s non-traditional approach to creating newsworthy work for brands that gets amplified by media coverage, positioned the agency in a new space sitting between Advertising and Public Relations. 

Cunning was widely regarded as 'the original and best' in guerrilla, ambient and stunt marketing thanks to numerous media firsts. Projecting a naked Gail Porter onto the Houses of Parliament for FHM was the first major coup for Cunning.  This was followed by a campaign for Dockers involving a football pitch floating down the Thames and a nationwide campaign for Levi’s where washing lines with the jeans hanging from them were stretched across major UK high streets.  For the charity Act for Tibet, Cunning oversaw the first base jump off Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square and for the BBC, an impromptu gig staged on HMS Belfast in the Thames for Eminem really showed off Cunning’s slick production skills.

Award winning work for MINI and brand experiences for clients such as British Airways, the Food Standards Agency and McAfee saw the agency move into new waters - again as pioneers in a new area termed "brand experience marketing. 

Famous for making brands famous, CUNNING now operates across all channels and platforms. This “Solution Neutral” thinking has helped CUNNING become acclaimed internationally as a Communications brand in its own right. 

Anna has been a regular speaker at conferences around Europe as well as a TV and radio commentator on media and publicity issues.

In her spare time, Anna enjoys sky diving, kite jumping and pot holing.